Having worked most of my life for companies that were well-entrenched in the “Military/Industrial Complex”, many of us who did (I’m retired), had our own epiphany/awakening, to the fact that we were contributing to a system that designed and manufactured weapons and other various types of “military” equipment that was used for just one purpose, to wound, maim, and KILL other human beings, and most of the time, to do so indiscriminately (picture a missile fired from a drone on a wedding party in Yemen).

It’s not an abstract thought, to feel that something just isn’t right, to feel a sense of regret and remorse with the idea that what you are a part of, is killing people in the pursuit of another country’s natural resources, and disguising this insanity as “Protecting Democracy and Our Freedom”, or “Spreading Democracy” one dead person (or thousands) at a time.

About twenty years ago or so, long before retirement age, I began to feel it was time to make some changes in my life. I felt that it was necessary for me to somehow leave the industry that I was in, and find a different path, a different career. It’s not easy making changes, and when we are younger, with a young family, raising children, making mortgage payments, taking family vacations….putting food on the table, we are trapped, caught up with all that we do. I was trapped. Now as I look back on all those years, I think about one of those, “What If’s”. What if I had had the resources to re-educate myself, to re-train, to re-set my career path that I had been on for so many years. What if I had left the Military/Industrial Complex an became a Dentist, a Software Engineer or a Plumber? Anything besides contributing to the causes of death for millions of people due to Wars.

This website was created to assist people young and old to realize their vocational dreams that are NOT a part of the design, manufacture, distribution, and use of ANYTHING even remotely associated with warfare and the killing of other human beings.

We will be providing educational materials, training, counseling, job search assistance, and in the future, scholarships to help lower income people make a transition over from jobs/careers in the Military/Industrial industries to other non-warfare supporting jobs and careers.

We will be adding more to this “About” section as we continue creating this new website, which by the way, was created today, August 12th, 2020. Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned!